How To Choose a Lawyer that’s Right For me?

The process in choosing the right attorney to represent you is not much different than the process you go through when making other important decisions in your life — you need to make an informed, educated decision about the attorney who will best represent your interests.  Here are 3 tips on how to choose a lawyer.

1.  Consult with more than one attorney.  You should interview him or her as if you were interviewing them for a job because in reality, you are hiring a person for a job — to protect and represent your legal interests.  Your chances of hiring the right lawyer increase if you treat the attorney selection process this way.  For example, you need to find out about the attorney’s experience in your particular legal matter, their knowledge of local court practice, and their working relationship with the judges, prosecutors, and staff who will be involved in the case.

2.  Always speak with the actual attorney.  Do not settle for consulting with a firm manager, an associate,  a paralegal, or other staff member. The attorney you choose should be willing to personally meet with you to discuss your matter, and should be the only person who handles your case.

3.  Beware of pushy salesman tactics. If you start to feel like you’re buying a used car, go with your gut, and move on to another attorney. No attorney can guarantee a specific result. A lawyer can only offer a probable, realistic outcome, based on his or her experience.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

In an ideal world, every person who steps into a courtroom should be represented by an attorney.  Our legal system does not however provide an absolute right to attorney representation.  In an ever increasing “prosecutorial” legal climate, it is very important to have an attorney guide you through our complicated legal system to advocate on your behalf, represent your best interests, and defend your legal rights.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

Yes.  There is no fee for consultations.  During the initial consultation, we will discuss your legal matter, your legal options, and a strategy for the best possible resolution to your case.  The initial consultation creates no obligation on your part. If after the consultation you decide to hire us to formally represent you, we will enter into a retainer agreement, and our office will officially represent you in your matter.  Contact us for to schedule a free consultation.

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