DUI MVD License Consequences

Arizona DUI MVD License Suspension Consequences

The second component to a DUI case in Arizona relates to his or driving privilege and is civil in nature. The purpose of the civil case is for ADOT to determine whether your driving privileges should be suspended, and if so, for how long, and whether you are entitled to a restricted drivers license. Your previous driving record and the outcome of the criminal case does not generally impact the civil case. The outcome of one generally will not affect the outcome of the other.  Arizona DUI MVD license suspension consequences are severe.  I have experience in mitigating the consequences of a DUI arrest on your driving privilege.

Under a first time DUI scenario, a person is facing a 90 day license suspension, which can be reduced to 30 days, followed by a 60 day restricted driving period. At the end of the 30 day suspension, the person will have to obtain an alcohol evaluation, and pay the reinstatement fee to obtain their restricted license. Later, if there is a conviction for DUI in the criminal case, MVD will require the installation of an ignition interlock for up to 1 year. MVD will also assess 8 points on your license, which will trigger the requirement of Arizona Traffic Survival School. If there is a prior DUI conviction, a person is subject to a 1 year license revocation.

Commercial Drivers License Disqualification

If the person holds a CDL license, then, in addition to the above, the person additionally faces a 1 year disqualification of their CDL license upon a finding by MVD that his or her B.A.C. was greater than .08%, even in a non-commercial vehicle. Also, if there is a conviction DUI, the CDL holder faces an additional 1 year disqualification.

Experienced DUI MVD Hearing Attorney

I have represented hundreds of drivers, including CDL drivers, during the MVD process associated with DUI charges. I know the strategies to reduce suspensions, or altogether avoid suspensions and CDL disqualifications. Contact our office for more information.