Warrants and Failures to Appear

Tucson Warrant Attorney

In Arizona, there are different scenarios that could lead to a court issuing a warrant for your arrest. Perhaps you didn’t appear at your court date. Maybe you failed to complete a part of your sentence. Some people move out of state and fail to appear at a court date.  Other people may have very good reasons for missing a court date, such as a family or medical issues.  When a person fails to appear for their court hearing, a warrant is usually issued  by the court for your arrest and new charges are filed for “failure to appear.” Elias Damianakos is an experienced Tucson warrant attorney assisting people quash criminal warrants and resolve misdemeanor and felony charges.

Tucson Criminal Warrants and Failure to Appear

Whatever the case may be, having an outstanding warrant for your arrest can be very stressful. A warrant for not showing up to court can not only suspend your driver’s license, but can even be the basis for new charges of failing to appear, a misdemeanor. If you were cited with civil violations like speeding, or other traffic offenses, those charges will mostly like go into “default”, which means the fine associated with those offenses are imposed.

Experienced Tucson Warrant Attorney

Having the right legal representation can greatly assist you in “quashing”, or removing the warrant, without ever having to step into court. We have successfully helped people take care of the warrants, and the collateral consequences of having a warrant such as failure to appear charges, and suspension the person’s driver’s license, and civil traffic fines that have gone into default. Not only can we quash any warrants, but we can also assist with getting the best possible result of the underlying case. If you or a loved one has an outstanding warrant in any court in Tucson, contact us for assistance.