Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Record

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A criminal arrest or conviction can affect people in different ways.  In Arizona and nationwide, a criminal conviction or a criminal arrest can have severe consequences such as the ability to get or keep a job, rent an apartment, or continue to receive public benefits under certain circumstances.  Other collateral consequences of a criminal arrest or conviction include: possession of firearms, higher education, right to travel, immigration, right to vote, and the ability adopt children.  An arrest or conviction for a domestic violence offense could additionally impact a person’s child custody rights, subject the person to an order of protection, and prohibit the ability to adopt children.

If your occupation requires you to have a valid fingerprint clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, an arrest or conviction could cost you your job temporarily, or in extreme circumstances, permanently.  Did you know that in Arizona there are 116 offenses that preclude a person from obtaining or keeping a Level 1 fingerprint clearance card?  The list includes jobs such as school bus driver, nurse, appraiser, and real estate.

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