Criminal Traffic

Tucson Criminal Traffic Violations Attorney

Traffic violations in Arizona range from minor civil traffic violations such as failing to yield and speeding, to serious criminal misdemeanor violations such as reckless driving, aggressive driving, racing, driving under the influence (DUI), and driving on a suspended license. The Arizona Department of Transportation assigns “points” to certain violation, ranging from 3 points for speeding, to 8 points for reckless driving. Elias Damianakos is an experienced Tucson criminal traffic violations attorney and can assist you in your defense of your traffic violation matter.

Arizona MVD Traffic Points System

Arizona MVD assigns points to traffic tickets depending on how severe the violation is. If you receive 8 points or more within 12 months, the Motor Vehicle Division will automatically issue a penalty, which can range from Traffic Survival School, to a license suspension.

Citations worth 8 points in Arizona include:

Other citations incur the following points:

  • 6 points, for incidents like leaving the scene of a crash.
  • 4 points, for situations such as failure to stop or yield, resulting in a serious injury.
  • 3 points, for violations like speeding.
  • 2 points, for all other moving violations.

Arizona Defensive Driving School

If you are cited with a civil traffic violation, and do not hold a Commercial Driver’s License, you are eligible for Defensive Driving School if you have not completed it within the prior 24 months. Defensive Driving School is a program that allows you to get your citation dismissed and avoid the points on your record.

Arizona Civil Traffic Violations

We handle every type of civil traffic violation, including:

  • Speeding
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Ignition interlock violations
  • Failure to control speed to avoid an accident
  • Unsafe lane change
  • stop sign violation
  • red light violation
  • insurance violation

Arizona Criminal Traffic Violations

We hand every type of criminal traffic violation, including:

Most Tucson traffic violations are heard in either Tucson City Court or Pima County Justice Court, depending on the location of the citation. Elias Damianakos is an experienced Tucson traffic violations attorney, fighting Arizona traffic violation in several jurisdictions throughout Arizona. We can assist you in deciding whether to fight your traffic violation citation in court, or to negotiate with the prosecutor’s office or police officer and get the citation reduced.