UofA Campus Crimes

University of Arizona Students Campus Crimes Attorney

University and college students face severe consequences as a result of criminal charges.  Not only do they face criminal prosecution in court, but they may face punishment from the university itself, including expulsion in the worst case scenario.  Such charges could affect a student’s future employment prospects, scholarships, or security clearances for future job requirements.  For example, a theft charge is considered a “crime of dishonesty” that could greatly tarnish an otherwise stellar academic transcript.  A conviction for any offense could lead to having to disclose the prior arrest and conviction on job applications.  Elias Damianakos is an experienced University of Arizona students campus crimes attorney defending students against all misdemeanor and felony charges.

UofA Campus Charges

If you or your loved one is a student, and charged with a criminal offense, it is important to hire an experienced attorney. I have defended students against charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, including such charges as:

University of Arizona Student Disciplinary/Code of Conduct Procedures

The University of Arizona may initiate disciplinary proceedings upon a showing of a criminal offense.  A student may have the opportunity to accept responsibility with the Dean of Students for a Student Code of Conduct Violation, and sanctions may be imposed such as monetary sanctions, parental notification, educational courses, community service, deferred eviction, suspension, or expulsion.

University of Arizona Diversion

The University of Arizona has a diversion program that some students may be eligible for. Successful completion of diversion results in a dismissal of the criminal charges for certain misdemeanor offenses being prosecuted in the Pima County Justice Court.  The diversion program is administered by the Pima County Attorney’s Office. Below is a flowchart that describes the process:

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