Pre-Indictment Representation

Tucson Pre-Indictment Attorney

If you or a loved one is being investigated by the police, it is vital to hire an experienced Tucson Pre-Indictment attorney to represent you in this very critical phase of a criminal case.  Many times, a person being investigated for a suspected crime who is not represented counsel is asked to meet with and give a statement to the police.  This is not wise unless you have an experienced attorney by your side.

Never Talk to the Police Without an Attorney. Period.

The typical scenario involves someone getting a call from a detective with the police department wanting to “get your side of the story,” regarding some incident the police suspect you are involved in. Although in a sense this may be technically true, the real objective of the police is to get you to confess to a crime. After all, the police wouldn’t be interested in speaking to you unless they suspected you of committing a crime.

Importance of Gathering Evidence and Negotiations

I have substantial experience representing people suspected or being investigated by the police, prior to be charged with a crime. As an experienced pre-indictment criminal defense attorney, I know the importance of quickly gathering evidence that supports your innocence, locating and interviewing witnesses, photos, surveillance video, records of communications (e.g., emails, texts, recorded phone calls, social media communications), and documents. Often times, I am able to negotiate with the prosecutor to not bring charges, or if charges are filed, the type of charges that could be brought, for example, a misdemeanor versus a felony. An experienced attorney can also come to an agreement with the police regarding self-surrender versus an arrest warrant.

The bottom line is if you believe you are being investigated for a crime, or the police want to “talk to you”, call us immediately to speak to Elias Damianakos, an experienced Tucson Pre-Indictment attorney to represent you in this very critical stage of the criminal process.