If you’re found driving on a suspended or revoked license, your car will be towed and stored at your expense. Tucson city police will send your car to Gary’s Towing, and the Sheriffs will send your car to Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC. The fee structure varies for each scenario.

Pima County charges an administrative fee of $150.00 for the process. The towing hookup fee is $163.00 and $3.50 per mile. Vehicle storage is $15.00 per day, making a 30 day impound cost a minimum of $678.00 plus the towing mileage.

The City of Tucson’s rates are slightly higher. On top of the $150.00 admin fee paid to the city, plus fines, the towing fee for Gary’s Towing is $164 for the hookup and $4.75 per mile for a two axle passenger vehicle. Commercial vehicles and multi-axled vehicles come at higher rates. Storage fees are $15 per day.

These rates are always subject to change. They can up annually, and sometimes, vehicle owners will be hit with extra charges relating to the towing process. Calling the vendor directly is the best way to get the exact figure you will owe if you want to retrieve your car.

 Getting Your Car Back from Impound

In order to retrieve your vehicle from impound, you need to meet a certain set of requirements. The first of which is paying off all of your fines or completing whatever task you failed to complete that lead to driver’s license suspension. Make sure you have all documentation in order and you’ve accounted for every penny of your costs. You may need to bring a judge’s order.

After you’ve resolved the financial situation and met the criteria to become eligible for license reinstatement, you must bring all the proof to the MVD. At the MVD, they will review the documentation you provide and make a determination regarding your license. Your license may be released and reinstated only if you have satisfied all of the court’s requirements.

Bring your reinstated license and proof of payment and/or completion of requirements to the vehicle division of the law enforcement agency that impounded your car.

City Police:

Westside Police Service Center
1310 W.  Miracle Mile,
Tucson, AZ 85705

The impound lobby at the Westside Police Service Center is a smaller lobby located off of the main lobby. The lobby is located to the right of the front desk, and there are signs to point you in the right direction. The lobby is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and is closed on holidays.

Here you will pay the $150 administrative fee, plus what was already paid to the courts. They then issue paperwork releasing the car. Then one pays Gary’s Towing separately for the towing and storage fees under their contract.


Sheriff’s Department:

Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Vehicle Impound Unit
1650 E. Benson Highway, Suite B
Tucson, Arizona 85714

The Sheriff’s Department Vehicle Impound Unit is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM and is closed on weekends.

The process is slightly different in Pima County.

It is here you will show them proof that fines were paid. They will then directly collect the administrative fees as well as the storage and towing fees. Then, they release your car and allow you to go pick it up from Mobile Maintenance, who merely serves as a storage yard for the County.


Please be aware that this is the process as of this writing. City as well as county contracts change at times. Gary’s and Mobile Maintenance may not be the vendors years from now. The entire process could change. Fees could change as well.

What If I Can’t Get My License Back, But I Need My Vehicle?

Shared vehicles are subject to the same impound policy. Your spouse, child, or parent with a valid driver’s license may need access to the impounded vehicle, even if you are unable to meet the requirements necessary to have your license reinstated. When this happens, there is a workaround that will allow the vehicle to be released to another responsible party. You may require the assistance of a lawyer to assure that the process works as it should.

Please note that in some cases where license suspension or revocation is a policy, the requirements may be extensive. Individuals charged with a DUI are required to have the vehicle in question outfitted with an ignition interlock device at their own expense, and this requirement needs to be met before the individual is allowed to drive that vehicle again. This requirement is true for any vehicle, including company vehicles, that the individual may drive. The vehicle in impound is no exception.

If the uninvolved individual with a valid license is listed on the title and registration of the impounded vehicle, he or she may request that the vehicle be released from impound. The Pima County Sheriff’s department requires that this person enter into a binding agreement that states that they will not allow the individual with the suspended or revoked license (with some stipulations about DUI charges and underage DUI charges) drive that vehicle for one calendar year following the date of the impound.

If the agreement is violated, it will not be an option in any following impounds. You’re only given one chance to adhere to the terms.

Working with a Competent Attorney

A competent attorney can help to reduce or prevent charges for individuals cited for driving without a license. Whether you left your license at home or your license was present but suspended, a great attorney will be able to create an advantageous strategy to reduce your charges or even have them dropped completely.

At Damianakos Law, our team understands just how vital driving privileges are to living our daily lives. We have years of experience representing individuals like you who need and deserve their driving privileges. Call us now to schedule a free consultation regarding your case. One of our competent and experienced experts will advise you as to your best options. If you decide to work with us, we’ll immediately get to work on preparing the aggressive defense you need.